Sky Thermostat 55 Degrees Heat V2Are you planning on installing a new central heating system for your home?

Where do you start when it comes to central heating in Manchester? Do you need a gas or oil powered system? What’s the best type?

Is it electric, warm air systems or underfloor heating ones? Yes, there are thousands of questions to answer when it comes to choosing the best central heating system but here is what you need to know to make your decision easier. Do you currently have an old boiler that’s not as good as it used to be? Does your old boiler break down frequently especially when you need to use it? Perhaps constantly repairing it is costing you too much or maybe using an older version is much more expensive than buying a modern one. So, here you’re faced with a conundrum of whether to replace the old boiler with a completely new type or the same brand.

To settle your nerves, you should understand that there are good reasons for replacing your old boiler with a more modern equivalent. Most probably it’s the cheaper option of going about it especially because there might be very minimal alteration to the existing pipes. Even better, you can save on money, time or renovations in your house. On the other hand, there are a few reasons why buying a completely new boiler is also a good idea.

For instance, if the old boiler was installed to sustain a few people yet your family has grown over the years, you definitely need a new boiler. Also, if the parts for the old boiler or its modern equivalent are hard to find, choosing a new and popular model will save you a headache when it comes to repair. Now, you’re faced with a completely new problem and that’s choosing a completely new boiler. Of course, with the help of a heating engineer, this might not be such a minefield as you had imagined.

As for the type of boilers, you’re limited to either combination or conventional systems. Basically, the distinction comes in with how these two boiler types deliver hot water. Therefore, when buying any of these boilers you need to weigh in your usage of hot water now and in the future, especially if there is a chance of your family growing or kids going to college. The conventional type can deliver hot water to a few taps simultaneously. Therefore, large families are better served by conventional boilers.

Combination boilers are quite different from the conventional ones because there is no need for a hot water storage cylinder. The hot water is heated instantly when the tap is turned on. It takes a little longer to get a full bath of hot water and also opening 2 taps at once might diminish the hot water capacity to one of the outlets. Therefore, next time you’re out shopping for a new boiler consult a heating engineer for the best advice on central heating in Manchester.