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Plumber At Work. Servicing Gas BoilerIn most homes in the United Kingdom (UK), you will typically find a heating system that employs a central boiler heating unit and a separate device for water heating.

This is an overly complex system that can be quite wasteful of energy. Recently a new type of combined boiler system has been introduced called the combi system. This type of unit both heats your home and delivers hot water on demand. It has become very popular and is now the most often requested type of boiler installation in the UK. In this article, we will discuss common questions and concerns regarding Manchester boiler installation of a combi unit.

Why Are Combi Units So Popular?

When you invest in a combi unit boiler installation for your home, you can expect to enjoy significant savings on your utility bills. By combining the water heater and boiler functions, this unit eliminates the need for storing heated water. This adds up to several benefits including:

* Improved & Consistent Water Pressure

* Reduced Water Heating Costs

* Reduced Need for Piping

* Reduced Installation Costs

* No Hot Water Cylinders

* Efficient Use of Space

Rather than wasting money keeping water hot on a continuous and ongoing basis (even when you are not at home), the unit heats water as it is needed. As the water heats, heated air goes through a redistribution process through the air circulation units. This makes the most efficient use of the heating elements for both water heating and home heating.

How Does The Combi Boiler Work?

The unit contains two compact heating circuits. One circuit heats water on demand within under a minute. The water comes directly from the main water supply and runs through the heating unit. There is no need for water pumps, and there is no reduction of water pressure. Because the water is heated as it enters the unit, there is no fluctuation in temperature levels (as may be the case with stored hot water which may vary in temperature depending upon how long it has been stored).

Many people worry that the water may be too hot; however, you can control the water temperature at point of use. This is important because setting the water temperature at the right range is the key to getting the most efficient and satisfactory use of your combi-system.

Combined Home & Water Heating Is A Win-Win Proposition

In recent days, Manchester boiler installation of combi units has increased dramatically. The reasons for this are quite clear. This type of water heating is the wave of the future in that it saves energy, water and money. With a combi unit, you save money from start to finish. Purchase of the unit is quite affordable and installation costs are minimal.

As a happy side effect, this type of unit also takes up much less space in your home. In fact, the unit is so small it can be hung up on the wall of your former water heater closet leaving lots of extra space for you to use for your benefit.

All in all, this type of home and water heating system is the perfect solution for modern apartment and home dwellers alike. To find out how you can benefit from replacing your outmoded boiler and water heating system with a sleek, new combi unit, call on your professional boiler installers in Manchester UK.

Home gas-fired boiler. The installation of gas equipment. HeatinIf you need a new boiler fitted, there are some points you should consider before contacting boiler installers in Manchester. This will help you to find the right engineer for the job, as some may specialize in a particular type of system.

A good boiler installation company will be able to provide you with impartial advice on which type of boiler is best for you. However, you should already have decided which type of fuel you want the appliance to run on before looking at boiler installers in Manchester.

For most people this will be a very simple choice, as the majority of households use a gas central heating system, but nearly five million homes are not connected to the gas mains and do not have this option. If your property is not connected to the gas network, you have three main alternatives. This might be a boiler which uses liquid petroleum gas (LPG), an oil boiler or, if your primary source of heating is a wood burner, you can also have a stove fitted with a back boiler.

Types Of Boiler

The majority of homes with older heating systems have a heat only boiler, which is designed exclusively to provide warmth for the home. However, most people who are having a new boiler installed now opt for a combi-boiler.

A combi-boiler will both heat your radiators and your hot water. It can be more energy efficient and more convenient, since it heats hot water on demand. Many homeowners also prefer it because it allows you to remove the hot water tank, which frees up the space for other purposes.

This type of system is not right for all households, however. You can only use the heated water for one task at a time, so if somebody turns on a kitchen tap while the shower is running, the shower will run cold. This means that larger households with more simultaneous activities going on may struggle with a combi-boiler. Your installation professional will be able to give you more advice about whether a combination model or heat-only appliance is best for you.

Brands And Efficiency Ratings

All boilers will come with information about their energy efficiency. A higher rating means that your carbon footprint will be smaller, which is considered better for the environment. But there are cost saving benefits too.

The more efficient your boiler is, the lower your bills will be. Therefore, it can be worth checking out consumer tests to see which brands have the best ratings. If you have a preference on brands, make sure that your chosen installer is certified to fit your preffered boiler and that they are able to supply any necessary parts.

If you are planning to purchase a new boiler, always check a company’s credentials to see if they have the right certification to carry out the work. Although installation is not cheap, modern appliances are very efficient and can cut your fuel expenditure. Your installation professional can give you advice on the most energy efficient models.