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independent heating system in boiler-houseManchester is a city in which you need to pay attention to having a proper system in home for boiling water for use in kitchens, baths and possibly central heating. This is because its geographical location ensures cold winters and mild summers.

If you are moving into this city and need such an appliance installed, your quest for a new boiler in Manchester requires that you gather some background knowledge about boilers that can help you to buy the right one that is the most suitable for your Manchester home. Most new boilers offered nowadays, are of the condensing type, which are of very high efficiency. They will be slightly expensive to start with, but can reduce heating bills by as much as 40 percent, and this can in the long run prove economical. They also reduce carbon emission by thirty percent and are environmentally friendly. Even among condensing boilers, there can be different types, and an inspection of your home by a boiler engineer will point you in the correct direction and get you the boiler that is suited to your home.

You also need to have a proper budget for a new boiler, though many Manchester agencies that deal in boilers and their installation can offer you financing options. The location of the boilers is another determining factor for the type and capacity of boiler that you will buy. Some boilers emit steam and this can affect its location, as it should not prove to be a nuisance. Be sure of the demand that will be there on the boiler, as this can help to determine the right capacity. More outlets, more bathrooms, means higher requirement of hot water, as they can be used simultaneously. Some traditional boilers require expansion tanks, and you need to have the space in your home for them.

One way of reducing your future heating bills through your new boiler in Manchester, can be by an additional installation of a solar heating system that can preheat the water, at no cost. Capital costs for solar systems can be high, but grants and loans are easily available as the authorities do encourage such installations.

Before you decide to place an order for the new boiler, make sure that the agency you go to can guarantee their work and have professionals who are qualified and certified. The agency must be well established, have a dependable after sales service and offer maintenance and service contracts. Get a written quotation, completely listing all the parts they will supply, make and capacity of the model offered and its rated efficiency.

A boiler that has a certified energy rating is one that will have a high efficiency in the use of the fuel used, as much as 90 percent. A boiler that allows for future upgrades, is one that will always having you use the latest in technology. A new boiler makes for a substantial expenditure and it can always help if you arrange for finance in advance, even if it is necessary to take a loan.

Home gas-fired boiler. The installation of gas equipment. HeatinIf you need a new boiler fitted, there are some points you should consider before contacting boiler installers in Manchester. This will help you to find the right engineer for the job, as some may specialize in a particular type of system.

A good boiler installation company will be able to provide you with impartial advice on which type of boiler is best for you. However, you should already have decided which type of fuel you want the appliance to run on before looking at boiler installers in Manchester.

For most people this will be a very simple choice, as the majority of households use a gas central heating system, but nearly five million homes are not connected to the gas mains and do not have this option. If your property is not connected to the gas network, you have three main alternatives. This might be a boiler which uses liquid petroleum gas (LPG), an oil boiler or, if your primary source of heating is a wood burner, you can also have a stove fitted with a back boiler.

Types Of Boiler

The majority of homes with older heating systems have a heat only boiler, which is designed exclusively to provide warmth for the home. However, most people who are having a new boiler installed now opt for a combi-boiler.

A combi-boiler will both heat your radiators and your hot water. It can be more energy efficient and more convenient, since it heats hot water on demand. Many homeowners also prefer it because it allows you to remove the hot water tank, which frees up the space for other purposes.

This type of system is not right for all households, however. You can only use the heated water for one task at a time, so if somebody turns on a kitchen tap while the shower is running, the shower will run cold. This means that larger households with more simultaneous activities going on may struggle with a combi-boiler. Your installation professional will be able to give you more advice about whether a combination model or heat-only appliance is best for you.

Brands And Efficiency Ratings

All boilers will come with information about their energy efficiency. A higher rating means that your carbon footprint will be smaller, which is considered better for the environment. But there are cost saving benefits too.

The more efficient your boiler is, the lower your bills will be. Therefore, it can be worth checking out consumer tests to see which brands have the best ratings. If you have a preference on brands, make sure that your chosen installer is certified to fit your preffered boiler and that they are able to supply any necessary parts.

If you are planning to purchase a new boiler, always check a company’s credentials to see if they have the right certification to carry out the work. Although installation is not cheap, modern appliances are very efficient and can cut your fuel expenditure. Your installation professional can give you advice on the most energy efficient models.

Combi Boiler Fitter Gas Safe JamieHi, my name is Jamie.

If you want a top quality boiler at an affordable price & fitted by an engineer you can trust, then you’re in the right place! Of course we all like a bit of proof, so check out what people are saying about me in my latest google reviews further down this page.

Why Should You Call Me Today?…

  • I’ve Repaired & Installed Gas Combi Boilers for 15 yrs
  • Affordable Cost – Gas Boiler Supply & Fit from £850
  • FINANCE on New Central Heating or Boiler Installs – From £18.46/month
  • Your Gas Heating Boiler comes with a 7 or 10 & even 16yr Warranty
  • I start on time and don’t leave until the job is finished properly
  • I’m a tidy worker and will keep your place as clean as I found it after my job is done.
  • You can always contact me before or after your Boiler Install and I’m happy to return to service your New Boiler when the time comes.
  • I want to talk to you about boilers, I enjoy it! 🙂 – So FEEL FREE to CALL and Ask Me Anything You Want


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Choose Your New Gas Combi BoilerWhich Gas Boiler Should You Choose?

A few of my customers have an old copper hot water cylinder & gas system boiler in their home and sometimes your system isn’t suited to remove the hot water cylinder and swap over to a combi boiler, so I do sometimes supply & fit new gas system boilers.

Normally you have either an old system that can be upgraded, or your old boiler is already a gas combination (combi) boiler that supplies hot water and central heating directly from 1 boiler.

I’m an approved installer for 5 manufacturers BUT most of my clients choose Worcester, Vaillant or Ideal gas combi boilers.

I’ve been repairing gas heating & boilers for many years so when I’m quoting to install one, I also think about maintenance and repair long term rather than just the installation. To be honest I seem to repair a lot of Worcester gas combi boiler’s these days.

The old Worcester’s from 20 years ago were excellent but I think the newer makes and models have gone down hill in recent years. Worcester are partly owned by British Gas so have a lot of money behind them for brand marketing, but I think other boilers have improved and over-taken Worcester in both quality & design. In particular the way the new Worcester compacts are designed is poor & they also cost several hundred pounds more for what is an average boiler.

Of course I’ll fit the exact boiler you tell me you want, but I often recommend Ideal boilers, simply because they are super reliable and good value for your money.

Many years ago Ideal made a model of gas combi boiler that gave them a poorer reputation and it takes a long time to shake off a bad rep. But in reality they began making a new boiler 6 yrs ago which is exceptional, plus they’ve tweaked it and upgraded it since it’s first production. I can put a 10 yr warranty on the Ideal Logic Plus boiler or a 16 yr warranty on the Ideal Vogue boiler which is pretty amazing. Zero risk of repair costs for 16 yrs! As far as I know you can’t get anywhere near a 16 yr warranty on any other boiler and this speaks volumes for the quality and reliability of the Ideal boilers.

Customer service in my experience from Worcester and Ideal is excellent so there’s nothing between them on that score, and they both manufacture only highly energy efficient boilers these days.


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Martynas Poskus
Martynas Poskus
11:24 26 Nov 18
Excellent and highly professional service. Jamie came and installed new boiler in no time, providing clear information throughout the process. No mess was made. Everything was done to a highly professional standard. I would absolutely recommend.
11:47 22 Nov 18
Thanks a lot Jamie, You are your colleague were a breath of fresh air in helping me with my problem boiler. You turned up on time and assessed the situation and clearly explained what was wrong with my boiler. You also explained the all the alternatives in putting the situation right. We decided that the best answer was to replace the problem boiler and the price you gave was virtually half of other quotations I had received. Having agreed the price you then said you could do the replacement the next day and the new boiler would have a 10 year guarantee. And true to your word you and you colleague turned up as promised and did exactly that. The quality and neatness of your work was was excellent and everything is working beautifully. You also removed the old boiler and bits and pieces and left the site a lot cleaner and tidier then when you arrived. All in all a great job, and I would recommend you wholeheartedly. Brian Jacksonread more
P Harland
P Harland
17:42 14 Nov 18
Prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. Work completed on quote (detailed breakdown) without fuss to a high standard. Will definitely call for future work. Cheers James!
Dani Robert
Dani Robert
17:46 03 Jul 18
Excellent service, Jamie and his colleagues are the best if you need a trustworthy, quick and reliable company to do your gas/boiler work on a really great price. Wouldn't recommend him enough. I'm normally not giving any tips for handymen but when they finished and cleaned up everything I just felt they absolutely deserve it.
Chloe Mower
Chloe Mower
19:14 14 Sep 17
EXCELLENT tradesman! Really cannot recommend highly enough. Trustworthy, genuine chap who is brilliant value and thoroughly enjoys his work. Thank you Jamie for getting us ready for a cold winter!
Anisa Hussain
Anisa Hussain
19:55 06 Apr 17
A very professional and reliable company. They came did the job, cleaned up after themselves and didn't stand around drinking cups of tea. Flame On was much cheaper than the other quotes I got and the work was finished to a high standard. Brilliant service, I would definitely recommend these guys to family and friends
Sam Lam
Sam Lam
19:13 05 Apr 17
When Jamie first came to give us a quote of all the work we needed doing we trusted him straight away. He explained what would be not only be the cheapest but also the most practical/easiest solution to solve our problems. Let me explain more, we only bought our house less than 6 months ago and from first sight we thought it was our dream house until we experienced leaking and low pressure water in our bathroom so we couldn't really use the shower/bath properly and caused us so many issues. Jamie gave us options to suit our budget but all in all we wanted the best solution that'll last us even though it'll cost us more at first. I can't tell you how amazing Jamie and his team (sorry I didn't catch your name) was and so helpful and clean/tidy - even his dust sheets smelled like fresh washing. We needed to change our boiler over to a combi system and they worked so hard to get it done as early as they could.Not only are they trustworthy people and that's hard to find these days with so many rogue tradesmen out there. They're friendly and understanding of each clients needs and budget. No question went unanswered and as first time home owners there's a lot of things we don't know so nothing seemed like a silly question. Everything was explained clearly and easy to understand. Jamie gave us real honest advice and that's what's invaluable in his services. I honestly can't recommend them enough. I even started asking them what other jobs and things they can do for us! I will be shouting about Flame on Boilers from here on out.Thank you Jamie and your team for restoring my bathroom/boiler/heating and allowing me to have blissful stressfree showers and relaxing baths!read more
Tom Norton
Tom Norton
16:34 04 Jun 16
Jamie and his team were incredibly knowledgable when they came to look at my boiler. An initial service turned into more work due to faults with the boiler but they were very thorough in explaining what was wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. They also showed me the perished parts that had been replaced and told me which bits were causing the problems. It was reassuring and I felt that I wasn't being blagged into more work just to get money. They were very honest about the work needed. They were very honest about the prices too and even reduced the price when the parts came in under estimate. They also did a great job of sourcing a rare part by ringing lots of suppliers to ensure the job was done that day. They did the job quickly and with minimal disruption to the heating and water. Thanks for the work guys and fingers crossed I don't need to see you for anything else too soon 🙂read more
Fusion Housing
Fusion Housing
09:29 18 May 16
Called them for a gas cooker fitting - appointment was arranged at our convenience and was fitted as agreed and on time. Reasonable costings also - will use this company again if needed.
Nicki Boothman
Nicki Boothman
22:15 13 Mar 16
Jamie has done a few jobs for me, from fixing leaking pipes to a full boiler replacement. He's great at his job and competitively priced, but more importantly he's very helpful, friendly, flexible, hard working and always there to answer any questions.
Taybah Ilahi
Taybah Ilahi
19:35 10 Jan 16
Jamie helped me by carrying out annual landlords safety inspections and repairs on boilers and cookers in a couple of properties for me. He is really reliable which is great as I am away a lot and I know that I can trust him to get on with it. In one case I had an emergency and Jamie came to the rescue again by attending promptly and sorting the issue out immediately. Overall Jamie has provided me with an excellent service.
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Get a Quote, Free Advice, or Ask Any Question…

Call me Now on:

0161 403 9403


Get a Quote, Free Advice, or Ask Any Question…

Call me Now on:

0161 403 9403


Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heatingWhen you contact a company for boiler installation in Manchester, one of the first things you will agree with them is what type of boiler you want. Most companies will carry a range of appliances so that you can find the perfect one to match your budget, lifestyle and type of property. However, you may also want to upgrade your system controls.

Improving your controls will have a number of benefits. Firstly, it will be much easier to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. It can also help you to make savings on your heating bill, since the system will only run when it is really needed. Here are some of the controls you might consider including.

A Timer Control System

Most new systems come with a separate control which operates on a timer basis. This is very useful because you can set the heating to be off during the day, while there is nobody home, and to turn on an hour before occupants are due home. The majority of timers allow you to set the controls for three separate times during the day, and some will allow you to vary the times according to the day of the week.

The timer controls will also contain a thermostat, so that the heating will switch off when the room reaches a comfortable temperature. These are commonly fitted in a hallway, where they are the least obtrusive. However, it is better to have the controls installed in your main living area. This is because hallways tend to be cooler than your living space, and your heating system may therefore turn on when it is not really needed.

Cylinder Thermostats

This type of thermostat can be fitted to hot water tanks to save you energy. Older tanks tend to fire up at a set time each day, regardless of whether hot water is needed. This can be inefficient, because it takes a great deal of energy to fire up the system and heat the water.

A cylinder thermostat will be programmed to approximately sixty degrees Celsius, and can sense if the water is already heated to the required temperature. Consequently, the tank will not come on if the hot water has not already been used that day.

Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic valves are fitted to the radiator itself and allow the homeowner to determine the best temperature on a room-by-room basis. If a room has multiple radiators, each valve should be set to the same value.

The values range from one to six, with a three representing a temperature of around eighteen to twenty degrees. If the room is already at this temperature or higher, the valve will sense this and the radiator will start to cool. You can adjust the value to be higher or lower if the room feels too hot or too cold.

A new boiler can be a worthwhile addition to a home. If you are looking for boiler installation in Manchester, a company representative can talk you through the options which will save you money on your energy bills.