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Plumber At Work. Servicing Gas BoilerIn most homes in the United Kingdom (UK), you will typically find a heating system that employs a central boiler heating unit and a separate device for water heating.

This is an overly complex system that can be quite wasteful of energy. Recently a new type of combined boiler system has been introduced called the combi system. This type of unit both heats your home and delivers hot water on demand. It has become very popular and is now the most often requested type of boiler installation in the UK. In this article, we will discuss common questions and concerns regarding Manchester boiler installation of a combi unit.

Why Are Combi Units So Popular?

When you invest in a combi unit boiler installation for your home, you can expect to enjoy significant savings on your utility bills. By combining the water heater and boiler functions, this unit eliminates the need for storing heated water. This adds up to several benefits including:

* Improved & Consistent Water Pressure

* Reduced Water Heating Costs

* Reduced Need for Piping

* Reduced Installation Costs

* No Hot Water Cylinders

* Efficient Use of Space

Rather than wasting money keeping water hot on a continuous and ongoing basis (even when you are not at home), the unit heats water as it is needed. As the water heats, heated air goes through a redistribution process through the air circulation units. This makes the most efficient use of the heating elements for both water heating and home heating.

How Does The Combi Boiler Work?

The unit contains two compact heating circuits. One circuit heats water on demand within under a minute. The water comes directly from the main water supply and runs through the heating unit. There is no need for water pumps, and there is no reduction of water pressure. Because the water is heated as it enters the unit, there is no fluctuation in temperature levels (as may be the case with stored hot water which may vary in temperature depending upon how long it has been stored).

Many people worry that the water may be too hot; however, you can control the water temperature at point of use. This is important because setting the water temperature at the right range is the key to getting the most efficient and satisfactory use of your combi-system.

Combined Home & Water Heating Is A Win-Win Proposition

In recent days, Manchester boiler installation of combi units has increased dramatically. The reasons for this are quite clear. This type of water heating is the wave of the future in that it saves energy, water and money. With a combi unit, you save money from start to finish. Purchase of the unit is quite affordable and installation costs are minimal.

As a happy side effect, this type of unit also takes up much less space in your home. In fact, the unit is so small it can be hung up on the wall of your former water heater closet leaving lots of extra space for you to use for your benefit.

All in all, this type of home and water heating system is the perfect solution for modern apartment and home dwellers alike. To find out how you can benefit from replacing your outmoded boiler and water heating system with a sleek, new combi unit, call on your professional boiler installers in Manchester UK.

Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heatingIf you have looked into boiler replacement in Manchester, you may have concerns about the cost of fitting a new appliance. However, if your boiler requires replacing it is imperative that you do not put off having a new one installed. Not only will a new model be much safer, it will also save you money in the long run because it will be more energy efficient.

But how do you know if your existing boiler needs to be replaced, or if it just requires a service? Here are the signs that you should be investing in a new model.

Your Existing Boiler Is Very Old

An old boiler does not always require replacement, as long as you remember to get it serviced annually. However, if you still have a model with an open flue then it is almost certainly worth paying for a new boiler. This is because this type of system tends to only run at around 65 percent efficiency, even if well maintained. Therefore, it is likely that you are paying much more than you need to on your heating bills.

You should also replace an old boiler if an engineer tells you that it is difficult to source spare parts. Once parts become difficult to find, or even obsolete, your repair bills will rise rapidly. There is also an increased risk that you will be left without heating for several days if an engineer cannot immediately obtain the right part, or you may find that the boiler is condemned without notice.

Your Boiler Often Breaks Down

If the pressure valve is constantly low on your boiler, or if it frequently develops niggling faults, you should think about looking into companies who deal with boiler replacement in Manchester. A series of minor issues is usually a warning flag that a more serious problem is just around the corner, and since faults usually occur when the boiler is in frequent use, this is likely to happen just when you need it most.

In the worst case scenario, a faulty boiler can be lethal. If you notice an unusual smell emitting from the appliance then it could be a warning sign that it isn’t burning properly. This can cause a dangerous carbon monoxide leak. You should always install a carbon monoxide detector near your boiler, as the gas itself is odourless.

Your House Does Not Heat Properly

If your radiators seem lukewarm or your hot water tap is dispensing tepid water, it is likely that your appliance is faulty. Another warning sign is if your radiators keep turning on and off all day. An inefficient boiler costs more money to run, as firing the appliance up burns the most energy.

The cost of installing a new boiler is more than worth it when you take the benefits into account. An efficient appliance can save you significant money on your gas bill, and you will almost certainly notice the difference in how easy it is to heat your home.

Repairman Repairing Electric BoilerHome owners often ask when the perfect time is to replace their heating system. Because boilers are among the most important investments at home, home owners should make sure that they are working effectively. Therefore, it is crucial to know when to replace them before they cost more repairs or become unsafe for the family.

When To Hire Boiler Replacement Specialists?

1. Evaluate the condition your own heating system.

One of the signs indicating the need for a boiler replacement is when the amount of energy it loses is higher than the amount of energy it utilizes. If this happens, the room where the boiler is installed will be warmer than the other parts of the house. This may need replacement as it can increase the energy bills that you are paying.

2. Check how old your boiler is.

Boilers are generally made to last up to 15 years. If your own heating system is properly maintained, then you don’t need to worry about calling for boiler replacement specialists in Manchester. Instead, just focus on improving the energy-efficiency of your house by looking at your other appliances and making sure that they are functioning optimally. But if you are not maintaining the boiler regularly and it is older than the average life expectancy, you should start looking for professionals offering boiler replacement services in your place.

3. Inspect the metal inside the boiler.

This method is the most reliable way of assessing the condition of a heating system. It should be done at least once a year. Usually, boilers have handholes that can be removed easily so that the owner can inspect the inside. Before inspection, you will need to shut the boiler down and drain it first to open it up.

4. Check your energy bills.

You may be surprised to find that your bills are rising every month. You may consider the heating system as the cause of the increasing energy bills. As they age, boilers lose their efficiency especially if you do not properly maintain them. As a result, they may run longer and use more energy to be able to provide the amount of heat you need.

5. Check for signs of poisonous carbon monoxide.

A yellow flame is the main indicator that carbon monoxide is created by your system. Other possible signs include the following:

a. Excessive moisture on walls, windows and other surfaces of the room
b. Gas or water leakage
c. Rust formation on the vent pipes
You should monitor your own boiler and take note of the signs given. If these signs are taken for granted, the boiler may produce carbon monoxide that can cause different illnesses to you and your family.

When it comes to the installation of new heating systems at home, boiler replacement specialists in Manchester are the right people for the job. The tips given above will help you determine when it’s time to call a professional for assistance. If you are looking for a boiler installer, consider shopping around and speaking to as many specialists as possible so you can get the best deal.